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Healing Adrenal Fatigue


“You’ve got adrenal fatigue.”

Out Of Order As far as I was concerned, my body ran as smoothly as one of Monmouth County New Jersey Limo Service‘s finest stretches.

Worse, she said it like it was the most natural conclusion in the world. I, on the other hand, was stunned. I had battled AF five years earlier, taking every supplement that was supposed to heal it, but ultimately, relapsing.

Finally, when I got off of hormone supplementation, I thought my body had rebounded. Once again, I could ride my bike without crashing for days.

Granted, I could not ride my bike as much as far as I wanted to. Nor did I have the stamina I thought I should.

But…those were simply minor technicalities.

Never mind that I have chronic, unrelenting constipation. (I was taking 4-6 magnesium oxide tablets to poop with varying success.) Or year round allergies that make me feel like dirt. Or, that my thyroid was like a yo-yo. Or, that I have been on Lexapro for 20 years because of depression.


Puzzling, Unrelated Symptoms

For years, I have suffered with allergies to dust and mold, as well as food intolerances. Vegetables like beets were off the list. I just could not digest them. Why couldn’t anybody be able to eat beets?

My thyroid has also been a constant challenge, yo-yo-ing up and down. I had sleep disturbances so severe that, at one time, I was taking an anti-psychotic, xanax, OTC sleep meds and valerian, just to fall asleep!

As you can imagine, waking up in the morning was hell. I couldn’t remember anything. My actions were irrational. For example, who puts a hot piece of wood into a plastic container? My husband was beginning to think that I had a one way ticket to dementia land.

Worse, I thought so, too. And I was scared. Really scared.

When I finally got off of the bio-identical hormone cremes, my health took a mild uptick. I no longer crashed when I rode my bike. I thought I was cured of adrenal fatigue. Didn’t matter that:

  • I can’t digest anything
  • My stamina sucks
  • I’m irritable and grouchy all the time
  • I can’t poop
  • I can’t sleep

All that mattered was, I WAS CURED OF AF!

Welcome To Reality

So as I sat at my desk with a cup of Pai Mu Tan white tea in my hand, and my iPhone headset on, I couldn’t help but feel perplexed when when my nutritionist said, “I’m amazed you have any energy at all.”

I was lost. How could this be? Yes, I had these weird symptoms, but adrenal fatigue? Then she explained how the three–ovaries, thyroid, and adrenals–were all tied together. For the first time in my entire life, someone didn’t shake their head and say, “I don’t know what’s wrong, but try this.”

For the first time ever, someone not only understood, she had a plan. And I was onboard from day one.

And that’s what this blog is about. It’s my journey healing adrenal fatigue.




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