Constipation: The Health Wrecker

leaky bucketI know.
It’s not that sexy to talk about a person’s lack of digestive ability. Don’t worry.

I’m not going to talk about the mechanics of constipation. Instead, I wanted to talk about where it fits in with adrenal fatigue.

I figure I’ve been creating AF for about 30 years. Between all the pot I smoked, the junk food I was addicted to, and my total inability to handle stress, it’s incredible to me that my body lasted as long as it did.

My body started showing signs of distress in my 30’s. I had chronic yeast infections and allergies. Horribly underweight, a scant 95 pounds, I thought I was lucky because I could eat anything.

That “anything” was mostly sugar and processed foods. It took many years to wean myself off of sugar, but still fatigue, cravings, and constipation ruled my life.

Then I learned about leaky gut. This is what my nutritionist is working on to help me heal now. I truly believe that once I get my gut healed, the rest of my health will dramatically improve.

So what is leaky gut?

If you’re really healthy, think of your digestive system like a late model limo at Monmouth County New Jersey Limo Service.  Those people know how to care for a luxury vehicle! All of them purr like a kitten. (You can see what I mean by visiting their site at

Your digestive system is much the same way–when it’s healthy. You don’t even think about it, do you?

Your small intestine is where your vitamins and minerals from food are broken down and absorbed. Microscopic pores in your small intestine perform the job of transferring those nutrients throughout the body.

Normally, those pores are very picky about what gets into the small intestine. They only let in the good stuff like vitamins and minerals. But with leaky gut, those same pores widen considerably.

When you eat any food, those particles are no longer fenced in by the small intestine. They work their way through the enlarged pores into your bloodstream.

Your immune system doesn’t understand why these particles are there, so they attack them. And that, my friend, is how you get food allergies.

What causes leaky gut?

There are several causes of leaky gut. Tops on the list is chronic constipation. The toxins in your stool will irritate the lining of your small intestine. That’s when those microscopic pores expand, allowing food particles to pass into your bloodstream.

If left untreated, the inflammation can become so severe it causes irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, or Crohn’s disease. (You really don’t want that! Crohn’s Disease is nasty!)

Another cause is poor gut bacteria. We all have good and bad bacteria in the gut. That’s normal. But when the bad outweighs the good?

That’s when you get big problems. An overgrowth of bad bacteria will cause inflammation and irritation in the small intestine, which causes the pores to widen.

So what would cause an overgrowth of bad bacteria? A big one is the over use of antibiotics. That was a huge contributing factor for me. I was started on antibiotics at the age of six weeks!

If you combine high stress, a diet heavy in sugar, alcohol, and processed foods, fold in a poorly working immune system that is given frequent antibiotics, you’ve got the perfect storm for adrenal fatigue.

Check out this video by Dr. Michael Klaper on the causes of leaky gut. Really good info!

Dr. Klaper does recommend three supplements to heal leaky gut in addition to avoidance of certain foods like wheat and dairy.

However, my nutritionist is not recommending any supplements for me right now. “Your body has been propped up for so long with supplements and drugs, we need to get you off of the supplements and let it rest,” is what she told me.

You may not feel that way. I chose to listen to her because the supplements I took only worked for a short time. She says that’s a symptom of AF.

My Update

Right now, I am still very constipated but my gut is trying to work. I am having some success and feel encouraged. So I’m sticking with the plan!

I find that writing and researching about AF helps me to stay the course for long term recovery. I do hope this information helps you to do the same.