The Allegheny County Labor Council (in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania) is a local branch of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). The Council was issued its charter in 1961. It was formed from the merger of two pre-existing AFL central labor bodies and two pre-existing CIO central labor bodies.

The Labor Council represents the collective interest of its affiliated unions and of the working people of Allegheny County. It consists of affiliated unions that designate delegates who elect an executive board and conduct Labor Council business at monthly meetings.

The Labor Council helps local unions within its jurisdiction with various organizing campaigns, community services, civil rights issues, and work with charity organizations. The Labor Council also lobbies with local politicians on issues of concern to workers. The ACLC believes that it is essential for all voters to have the necessary information for making educated political choices. The Council plays an invaluable role in the struggle of the AFL-CIO to improve the standard of living for working people.

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